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Once you’ve setup your subscription you will begin to receive your order once a month. Your case of Grass Fed Coffee will ship on the same day, every month, that you started the subscription. You can adjust how much or little coffee you wish to have shipped to your home each month. 

Subscribe to your favorite Grass Fed Coffee package and automatically save an additional 15%.  Never worry about running out, we reship every month like clockwork so that you can forget how hard breakfast is without your GFC.


If you find you aren't drinking as many Grass Fed Coffee's as you initially thought you can postpone your subscription anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks. Once the designated time has passed, your subscription will work like before. We implemented this feature to allow you to have flexibility.

Postponing your next shipment will affect how you are billed. Once you reach your selected postponement end date, your subscription will renew and bill on a monthly basis starting on that date, unless further changes are made.

How to edit your subscription

You can edit your subscription by logging into your Grass Fed Coffee account. Once you’re logged in you can:

  • Edit your billing information
  • Edit your shipping information
  • Postpone your subscription
  • Cancel your subscription(s)

If you need assistance making changes to your subscription, please email

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