Delicious Cold Brew Taste, Zero Sugar and 4.5 net carbs with MCT Oil and Grass Fed Butter to Power Your KETO Success


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What is Grass Fed Coffee?

Ready to drink cold brew coffee with MCT Oil and grass fed butter. Grass Fed Coffee is the perfect way to wake up and tackle your day. Natural, brain-boosting fuel from the best tasting ready to drink coffee out there.

Product Highlights
  • Zero Sugar
  • Tastes Better than Homemade
  • Keto Balanced with only 4.5 Net carbs
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in artisanal small batches
  • Curbs Hunger
  • No Crash
  • Grab, Shake and Go

Get Satiated

Your normal morning coffee may get you out the door, but does nothing to curb your hunger. Whether you're following a strict KETO diet or just trying to cut the calories and carbs, Grass Fed Coffee powers your body and mind providing satiating deliciousness designed to keep you full longer.

Grass Fed Butter is Better

It's no secret we love Grass Fed Butter, we love it so much we named our Company after it! Why? Because Grass Fed Butter is so much better, it provides more omega-3 fatty acids, its a great source of heart-healthy antioxidants and it balances and steadies the absorption of caffeine. All to say butter is better from Grass Fed cows.

Power Your Brain and Body

Get focused with balanced energy from MCT Oil which provides energy for the brain and body. Cognitive benefits include increased focus, less morning brain fog and it even can help turn up your metabolism.